Our Home Owners’ Association  Board of Directors calls Crystal Creek, “The Amazing Place.” Surrounded by beautiful homes, Crystal Creek is the perfect place to live. The community of amazing people established in the 90’s is a neighborhood with neighbors we call family.

Welcome Homeowners

Let’s work together and support each other to make a better community.

Community Events

Neighborhood events are a great way to bring communities closer together.

Community Projects

Our HOA has new and ongoing projects. Let us know of any projects that will enhance our neighborhood.

Crystal Creek Meetings & Events

There is no Event

Click HERE to download the agenda for the meeting.

Thank You Veterans

Thank you for the job well done; thank you for the battles won.

Thank you for the battles fought, thank you for the freedom brought.

Thank you for the time you served.

Thank you for the freedom earned.

Thank you families for sharing YOU, I know they miss you, they really do.

I’m sorry for the lives that were lost, freedom isn’t cheap; it comes at a very high cost.

I love my freedom, my red, white, and blue.

Thank you veterans for all that you do.

By: Justin, 5th grade student

Please reach out to our BOD if you are unable to find the information you seek, and we will work hard to provide it for you in a timely manner.

Is Participation in My HOA Mandatory?

While some homeowner associations are structured as voluntary participation, Crystal Creek homeowner association requires mandatory HOA membership by homeowners. This means you are required to be a dues-paying member of the HOA who abides by the CCRs.

Homeowners may attend and participate in business meetings, annual meetings, and community events, but homeowners are not required to attend.

Types of HOA Meetings

The HOA board is required to hold meetings to conduct the business of the association.
There are five common types of HOA meetings.



Neighbor Events

We have the most amazing neighbors living in Crystal Creek. Our neighbors help plan community yard sales and decorations for holiday events. Visit the EVENTS calendar for upcoming neighborhood events.

Why do I have to submit an ARC Form?

When you purchased your home, you agreed to be part of the homeowner's association. In doing so, you are required to get approval from your HOA's Architectural Review Committee for any changes made to your home or property as listed in the governing documents.

To submit an ARC request, CLICK HERE