New to Crystal Creek?

New to the Crystal Creek community?

Welcome, we’re excited to have you a part of our community, and your neighbors and HOA, are here to help you get adjusted. We can help you handle everything from making your HOA payments to changing or enhancing your property, to reporting rules violations. And we do it all in a way that’s totally convenient, simple, and you-friendly.

Things we’ll handle:
Homeowner Inquiries
You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.
Resident Concerns
We can help you resolve concerns you have about your community.
Vendor Management
We’ll manage outside vendors for community projects, so they’re on time and on budget.
Community Finance
Confusion about your community finances? Not anymore!
Enforce HOA Rules
Enforce Policy Working with your board, we’ll help create and enforce community policy and common practice.
Things we don’t handle

Making the big decisions.
Your governing documents provide the ground rules, and your board makes the important decisions for your community. We’re here to help put those decisions into action.


Resolving neighbor-to-neighbor disputes
(just be nice, people!)


Providing public services.
We leave these to your municipality and police department.


Offering legal services or advice.
We aren’t lawyers and don’t even play them on TV.

Your Community Website

Being part of the Crystal Creek community means you also have access to a useful community website. This site includes:

Login to My Home Spot and pay your Home Owner Association (HOA) dues online. 

Message center, so you’re always connected to your community. (HOA board)

Access to HOA Documantations. (Homeowners must register first)

Don’t forget to register online where you’ll be able to view your documents, and calendar of events.